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Telling Innovation Trends Annual Report

Detection and analysis of social trends and changes as well as their key to activate in different departments mark.
A comprehensive report, which is four to five social megatrends, analyzing its content with examples street, taken from the quarterly monitoring. We collect their evolution and maturation point where they are.

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Quarterly monitoring

Quarterly monitoring of the evolution of trends contained in the annual report as well as other new emerging.
Observatory around the stage on which are the habits of early adopter. We collect their daily structuring information in different categories like technology, art and culture, music, entertainment, fashion, social concerns, etc.

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This will be

Comprehensive update of all that is happening in a market area, a category, or target, with special focus on their specific trends.

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Ad hoc forays into the “early adopter” community. Choose a theme and check with the panelists.

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Telling tours

Specific routes to the most interesting places frequented our early-adopters, the hot spots where the latest trends and interviews with responsible and involved to experience, on the ground, street movements gestate.

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Design thinking

Work with us from conception of the idea, concept development, product design or service, prototype and launch strategy.
We have specialists in each area of the design process to provide a finished service, always putting the consumer at the center of the project.

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