What is Telling Innovation Trends?

Telling Innovation Trends is an open window to the contemporary world, a multi-sided polyhedron which get very different information. Constitute a continuous observatory that allows teams of marketing, communication, promotions, innovation and research to monitor social changes since these begin to occur, anticipating what is coming and, therefore, competition, with the reliability that grant more than 10 years we have been studying trends in Spanish society.
Telling Trends is the only platform that addresses the Spanish consumer from online communities of early adopters, an exploration based on everyday experience of real people. Through an effective sample, we do not rely on reports generated trends in other countries.

Trends Innovation Telling annual report main objectives …


Trends and examples can be an encouragement and inspiration translatable to any work environment.
Remember that trends are living movements unexpected transformation: new languages, new philosophies, new visual codes, new marketing initiatives, strategies …


Through present trends, brands can think of new services, new formats, new communication campaigns, new promotions …
And transform and adapt any decision according to rising trends!

It also allows to be aware of what is happening out there.

Working more than 10 years with the most advanced consumer has allowed us to fully understand the attitudes and behaviors that define the progress of a consumer.
We work with more restless than average, which like to experiment, try, socially active people and interested in what brands or consumer society suggests people.
This allows us to anticipate mass trends over a period of time between six months and one year.