Tendencias para la innovación

5 trends for innovation in 2016

Changers: After the global crisis, the contemporary individual tries to build a participatory way a new reality. With a proactive and offcuts from the above, the changer of past mistakes to recognize its new possibilities. An exploration of new charges which collides with the bases of the established system, giving priority to the authenticity and differentiation from what accepted by the masses and highlighting the genuine.

Closeness: You need to feel connected, but also about their own physical level. Escaping the coldness of our smartphone, every time we demand more humane and close solutions. We demand the recovery of the moment, of being there and being able to touch; the combination of technology with the physical experience to make our life richer.

Microsophy: Explain the most with the least is the common denominator. Living in a context characterized by the “infoxication”, which assail us every day with dozens of articles, links, videos and trailers, we need the contents are becoming shorter and adjusted to cover them all. Direct and rapid arise formats: the new journalism holder, the microvídeos, the micro-humor meme…

Tagless: The need arises to remove tags and conceptual obstacles, escape the habit of encorsetarlo everything. In a agenérico environment, arouses the feeling of freedom, it can be anything and several at once, to adopt, remixing and naturalize all constructions of gender. We formed a multi-referential present.

New Woman: The woman becomes a contemporary icon itself. Men and women of all ages and social strata feel interested and attracted by everything that has to count the modern woman. A new woman jumping obstacles imposed by society, generating the figure of the anti-heroine, claiming imperfection and naturalness.

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